AMB 2018: Product handling is child’s play

Visitors at the Röhm booth experienced how Röhm reduces set-up time to less than 60 seconds, following the motto of “Done in 60 seconds”. To go along with this, there was a set-up time challenge in which visitors could prove themselves and win attractive prizes by changing the jaws on the new DURO-A RC. Here, 9 year-old Alexandra showed how it’s done. 


“We are absolutely thrilled and satisfied by this year’s AMB. Not only the set-up time challenge but also the response to our new products, the DURO-A RC power chuck and Lubritool lubrication device, are overwhelming and hence a total success,” says Röhm’s CEO Gerhard Glanz. “We were quite astounded when an absolute record was set for the set-up time challenge on the 4th day of the fair. The 3 jaws of the DURO-A RC power chuck were changed in an unbelievable 10.27 seconds. On the last day of the fair, we were surprised by 9 year-old Alexandra, who managed to change the jaws in 53.96 seconds thereby showing us that it is “child's play” to change the jaws on the new DURO-A RC power chuck,” continues CEO Gerhard Glanz. 

Besides the set-up time challenge, the focus was also on the products like the new DURO-A RC power chuck, which was celebrated as an absolute world premiere at the AMB 2018. This chuck prevails not only due to the fast jaw change in less than 50 seconds, but also due to its overall height, which was reduced by 14%, a weight reduction of up to 17% as well as a 3-year warranty (pursuant to DURO-A RC warranty conditions) - and all of this for an excellent price/performance ratio and attractive starting price.  

However, Röhm also showed other product developments such as the award-winning Lubritool lubrication device, which enables automated lubrication of tool clamping systems within 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes. Based on this time savings, Lubritool can pay for itself in less than 6 months. RÖHM has now optimized it and reduced the construction length by 20% to enable more working space in the machine.