RÖHM - Products of America

Coming from Atlanta and going out into the whole of the USA: More than a dozen members of staff represent the RÖHM Group in the United States. Under the direction of Matthew Mayer, the team markets RÖHM's standard and special solutions and commissions them on site when required to do so - and of course first-class customer service is a top priority.

It has been 40 years now since RÖHM set up an American branch, with the objective of finding a footing on this rising market. Since then the RÖHM subsidiary has continued to add to its share of the market in this highly competitive environment. Today RÖHM's clamping tools enjoy an excellent reputation in America.

Matthew Mayer says: 'We are proud of the fact that we can offer superior clamping technology in the USA. Most imported tool machines (of which a significant number come from Germany) already come with clamping tools. This is where German development work stands us in good stead, because "made in Germany" still carries weight in the USA, which gives us a definite competitive advantage.'

RÖHM's regular customer base includes the automotive industry. We maintain close and successful business contacts with practically all the important American automotive companies.

RÖHM's areas of expertise are the basis for our customers' success.

On this basis, we ensure that your interests are looked after in the best possible way - right across the entire product development process:

From the concept phase and full technical project processing right through toproduction.

With a worldwide network of manufacturing bases, distribution establishments, agents and optimum distribution logistics, we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility and service at all times.

At our production locations, we only use state of the art machinery and technology. Examples of this include the special portal turning and milling machines for processing workpieces with diameters of up to 4 metres and a weight of up to 25 tons. Another example is the world's only drill chuck assembly line for the fully automatic manufacturing of keyless, self-tensioning, flat jaw drill chucks. This production line makes it possibe to assemble approx. 92,000 drill chucks
in 3 shifts on 5 working days. In a fully automated process, the engraving and quality control of the drill chucks is integrated as well the assembly of the individual parts.