Type 344-21 GS/NC


Quick change tapping chucks GS/NC - GS/NC

Type 344-21 GS/NC
with steep taper shank DIN 2080

application range

Tapping of right-hand and left-hand threads - with taps - on mechanical and numerical controlled machines and CNC-machines with tool magazine.

Thread tap holders are equipped with length compensation on pressure and tension, which thanks to the ball guide sleeve has extremely easy movement with low friction. This makes the compensation of differences between the machine spindle advance and the thread pitch of the tool can be effected with extreme precision.
The cutting pressure mechanism ensures that, when the permissible axial force takes effect, depending on the strength of the material and the specific cutting force, the thread taper cuts the thread immediately
Only if the axial force effectively created exceeds the normally permissible cutting force will the cutting force device release the length compensation movement.

technical features

Wide range of use owing to interchangeable adaptors.
Length compensation acting on compression and expansion to compensate for differences between spindle feed and pitch of thread.
Initial pressure increased for immediate attack of tap in the bore hole
Suitable for horizontal and vertical tapping
With ball guide for smooth compensation

customer advantages

Draw-in bolts on request
All tapers SA 40 with ring groove for automatic tool clamping


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