Partnership opens up new prospects and possibilities

Group photograph – from left to right: Jürgen Laible and Damiano Casafina (RÖHM), Liwei Xiao (SMTCL), Ünal Celik (RÖHM), Shousheng Liu (SYMG), Anthony Ding (RÖHM China).

SMTCL – the name stands for outstanding cutting machine tools and market leadership in China. A delegation from the company recently visited RÖHM’s principal plant in Sontheim. The goal of the visit was to smooth the way to a partnership between the important Chinese tool machine manufacturer and the clamping technology specialist RÖHM.
‘With around 20,000 employees and massive market potential, the company has a lot to offer us as a partner. Continuous economic growth in China opens up major opportunities, for the industrial nations of Europe above all. We hope to benefit from the great demand for products made in Germany,’ said Damiano Casafina, member of the RÖHM Management Board.

The meeting involved the exchange of experience with an eye to mutual profit. It was attended by Liwei Xiao, General Manager and Senior Engineer of SMTCL, together with Shousheng Liu, Chief Engineer of the parent company SYMG.
‘We conducted animated talks, and have a major common denominator,’ Mr Casafina added. RÖHM gave the visitors an introduction to its current technological projects, and is confident of becoming a new and powerful partner to
SMTCL in future.

On the tour of company premises it became clear that cooperation and interaction between the two companies could lead to successful achievements: ‘Together we can open up prospects and possibilities which we can jointly shape as system partners,’ was the unanimous conclusion.

SYMG is one of the three biggest machine tool manufacturers worldwide. The state company is quoted on the stock exchange and has its head office in Shenyang, in the province of Liaoning.
Based on turnover figures, its subsidiary SMTCL is the number one in China in the field of machine tool production.