Easy, quick and reliable: How HSK clamping sets are changed today

With the assembly tool for HSK clamping sets, segmented collet chucks can be installed in the spindle with no effort at all.

Easy handling, fast operation and reliable function – those are properties that workers would like for their daily work. The clamping and gripping specialist RÖHM tackles these requirements and shows its assembly tool for mounting HSK (hollow taper shank) clamping sets: With it, it is possible to mount RÖHM segmented collet chucks with little effort in just a few seconds.

Until now, the segmented collet chucks of the HSK clamping sets were mounted in the spindle by hand. This was difficult to handle and time-consuming, above all for difficult to access spindles. For that reason, RÖHM conceived a simple but clever assembly tool for mounting HSK clamping sets. With it, segmented collet chucks can be installed in the spindle with very little effort – and very quickly.
An additional benefit provided by the RÖHM assembly tool is that damage can be prevented during mounting. Simply put, this means no scratches on the clamping set and spindle.
From cost perspectives, the tool from RÖHM is also extremely attractive: The mounting tool pays for itself quickly due to time savings during mounting and the low purchase price.

The assembly tools are available for RÖHM clamping sets in sizes HSK 25 to 125. They work with all HSK shapes and are in stock.

More information can be found at www.eshop.roehm.biz

A short video can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZlizhoH2kk